I help sensitive, creative, determined women,
get unstuck and
activate their soul’s purpose.

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I engage a three-pillar approach to help women break through their confusion and live true to who they really are. ​

Because your time and talent are best spent on a path your heart and soul can stand behind.

If you identify as a woman...

...then it’s likely you have long been told that your wants and desires are unworthy of attention.

You have been told that the path of least resistance is your best choice.

These messages create a dilemma for women who want to say YES to their innate talents and define their own success.

They present as a barrier for women ready to act on their values and deem their purpose worthy of their time, energy and respect.

Culture works from the outside, in.

I work from the inside, out.

Together, we focus on your inner landscape to help YOU uncover YOUR OWN TRUTH.

I am not here to tell you who you are. I am here to meet you—no matter your demographic or identity—with presence, wisdom, and intuitive listening, so you can uncover that for yourself.

This is our work together:

To become conscious of what’s holding you back, so you can interrupt and overcome it. Then live and speak YOUR truth.

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Your purpose is your birthright.

It belongs to you.

You may or may not make money directly from your purpose… but when you align with it, every single thing in your life becomes more fulfilling.


It is to answer the call for a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

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