One on One Coaching

Activate Your Soul’s Purpose

**A six month transformational 1:1 coaching program

Activate Your Soul’s Purpose, so you can have work that is inspiring, energizing and meaningful.   If you are in a career transition, feeling lost, confused and want to create more fulfilling purposeful work, then you have come to the right place.  A committed coaching relationship can be a powerful catalyst to create the sustainable change you seek in your work and life.

If you choose to partner with me as your coach in a coaching relationship:

What you’ll get out of the process

  • Name your core values and align your life based on those values
  • Connect to your purpose and design your work life with meaning
  • Create a process for empowered decision making
  • Create and implement a radical and pro-active self-care plan
  • Become a blackbelt in boundary setting in service of living your purpose
  • Identify obstacles and find fun, creative ways to move forward anyway
  • Become a confident person who knows her purpose and is taking action to get there

You can expect to

  • Name and claim your purpose, take action
  • Move from feeling stuck to learning how to tap into your internal motivation
  • A shift from feeling depleted to feeling energized
  • Befriend the unknown with courage
  • Increase your clarity and choose with confidence
  • Reclaim your unique natural life rhythm in service of more vitality

What you’ll do and learn

  • Learn to network with ease
  • Create powerful informational interviews
  • Discover and name your natural strengths
  • Develop daily practices to keep you in alignment with your career life purpose
  • Meditation, movement exercises, journaling, ritual, and other experiential activities
  • Increased awareness around your Enneagram and Myers Briggs type (once you have taken the assessment).
  • Deepen your spiritual connection

How it works

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Phone Sessions
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Ready to GreenLight your work life? Learn about One on One coaching!

I offer a 45 minute complimentary GreenLight Your Work Life Consultation to those seriously wanting to take action toward purpose driven work.

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