GreenLight Women’s Circle

In a world gone BUSY — in a life short on time and overflowing with to-do’s — have you forgotten the importance of slowing down, gathering, listening, sharing, and creating in person?

Do you know that garnering the support of a small community in real time is the most powerful way to create change?

After coaching women for over 10 years, there is one thing I know: women create more of what they want with other women supporting them. We create more sustainable change when we are held in a loving, sacred space.

Even better, when we women meet one another with deep support, we break down the divide the patriarchy has built between us.

The Green Light Women’s Circle is held by my facilitation and coaching, this will be a space to slow down, connect with your heart, and remember your purpose in the company of real, live, consistent support.

In this intimate group, you will:

  • Learn practices to deepen your connection to your intuition.
  • Experiment with your ideas and desires in a safe container.
  • Learn to recognize internalized sexism and find the courage to interrupt it.
  • Generate new and creative ways of sharing your voice in the world.
  • Explore your personal relationship with spirituality.
  • Be seen for you, as you are.

The GreenLight Circle meets in San Francisco (currently meeting virtually due to Covid-19)

You will be asked to come exactly where you are — this is a space where your challenges and dreams will be met with compassion, care, and respect.

The cost of the group is $200/month with a six month commitment to start. This is an ongoing group that meets twice a month.

Gift yourself the support and rediscover the power of gathering forces face to face. This is an opportunity to stoke your inner flame — to be held as you allow your purpose to illuminate your way forward.

Together, we can create more of what you desire and want in the world!

If you feel called to this opportunity, let’s discuss to make sure it’s the right fit. You can book a call with me here. GreenLight Women’s Circle Conversation.