Mama is Going Back to Work

**A three-session, 1:1 coaching package

Motherhood is one of life’s biggest life-transforming experiences. There is a vast amount of attention and support in preparing for labor and birth but much less support for being a Mom and especially a Mom returning to paid work. And really, this is where most Moms can use more support. 

Going back to work after maternity leave is a big life transition. Having a baby feels so purposeful and this may leave you feeling without purpose about the work you do. It can feel overwhelming, scary and leave you feeling anxious.

My biggest focus as a coach is EMPOWERING WOMEN! Guiding you back to your personal power so that you can thrive and feel deeply fulfilled.

In my Going Back to Work Coaching package, you will be met with compassion for wherever you are in your transition back to work. All experiences are welcome; whether you can’t wait to go back to work or are crying just thinking about it. 

Our coaching together will give you the opportunity to take the mountaintop view of your whole life. The coaching will help you find clarity to what is most important to you today as a Mom. It will show you how you can design your life with more ease and discernment during this important transition.

Discern the best pace and action plan for your unique, individual transition to the working world as a Mom. 

This Coaching Package will provide

The package includes three (3) 45-minute coaching sessions over the phone or Zoom to be used within three months. In addition, text and email support is available in between sessions. 

Ready to get support on this major life transition? If yes, please book your first session here. 



Ready to GreenLight Your Life?

I offer a 45-minute complimentary GreenLight Your Life Consultation to those seriously wanting to take action toward purpose-driven work.

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