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I believe we live in a world of choices and at any given moment we have the ability to choose. These choices create our reality and our lives. I want to help you create the life you want by exploring your unique strengths, creativity, and purpose. I am a fierce advocate for truly listening and connecting to your inner truth and taking action to fulfill your purpose so you can flourish. I know deep down in the bottom of my heart that you are here because you are ready to get support.  You are ready to finally take that first step toward more clarity, meaning and fulfillment.   You are ready to do work in the world that makes you fulfilled – your PURPOSE work!

For many of us women, it isn’t uncommon to feel disconnected from our true selves. Whether distracted, frustrated or overwhelmed, we become all too comfortable setting ourselves aside and giving in to a life that falls short of our true purpose. Are you ready to transform painful emotions into feelings of empowerment:

  • Frustration to Fulfillment
  • Fear to Confidence
  • Loneliness to Connection
  • Confusion to Clarity

The GreenLight Approach

With the GreenLight Approach, you’ll gain the tools to connect to your Soul’s Purpose.  No matter where you are in your transition, this  transformational experience will provide you with the foundation you need to align your personal strengths with your purpose. With The Three Pillars, you’ll learn to prioritize self-care and reveal your internal motivation. You’ll learn to visualize a more fulfilling future, explore new ideas, and forge new connections. You’ll be inspired to make goals, take action, and flourish.

It all rests on The Three Pillars

  • Self-care and Connection—Learn and experience how to best connect with your higher self.
  • Acknowledgment—Learn the power of acknowledgment and celebration. Reflect on their connection to your internal motivation.
  • Inner Critic—Befriend your inner critic and learn from it. Embracing your negative thinking will allow you to face down your limitations, and lead you to inspired action.

  • Envision—Learn to dream the future you wish to create.
  • Explore—Learn how to get out of your comfort zone by reaching out, meeting new people, and using these experiences to generate new ideas.
  • Clarify—Learn to look at all of your options from different perspectives and make choices utilizing the power of your unique personal values.

  • Choice—Bring consciousness and mindfulness to each choice to eliminate future regret.
  • Self-Inspired Action—Learn to tap into your internal motivation to make inspiring goals and take self-directed action.
  • Trust the Mystery—Create ritual and spiritual practices that help you during your transition and beyond.

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I offer a 45 minute complimentary GreenLight Your Work Life Consultation to those seriously wanting to take action toward purpose driven work.

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