Work with Michelle

Ready to get unstuck?

Empowerment is the byproduct of living authentically and with purpose!

It is the process of being honest and more confident in creating your life choices.

Confidence does not come from reading a book or taking a class.

It comes through action. As Glennon Doyle says: “We can do hard things.” I know this to be true and I see my clients do it daily.

If you want to feel more empowered and on purpose in your life, you can do it.

It will feel hard at times but if you keep taking a baby step at a time, more often than not, it will feel inspiring.

There are three ways we can work together, over the phone or Zoom:

Activate and nurture your purpose with my 1:1 transformational coaching program.

Discover, explore and integrate your Enneagram type with my 1:1 coaching package.

Discern the best pace and action plan for your unique, individual transition to the working world as a new Mom.

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