Winter Solstice Invitation

The Winter Solstice which kicks off our Winter season is an opportunity to pause and turn inward to deeply nourish yourself. It is an opportunity to connect with the Divine within. This season offers an invitation to treat yourself as a sacred place for the introspection of your internal Divine. The invitation is to listen to your heart and honor what it needs – like rest, creativity, and nourishment. The invitation is to sit by candlelight and give your heart the space to speak to you. The invitation to sense what needs healing, tending to, and love.

It’s radical to pause. It’s countercultural to say, “No more! I am not going to run myself frazzled. I’m done operating on empty.  Nope. No more.” In our sexiest socity. It takes courage to say, “I’m going to focus on nourishing ME and loving myself” NO MATTER WHAT! In our sexist society. It takes courage to say, “I commit to tending to myself and put into place the resources I need to feel supported and live my life based on what is most sacred to me. I choose to live by what is calling me from within, not externally.

The truth is, you have a very precious life to embrace and live. And there comes a time when you choose to not live it so exhausted, holding up the world, stuffing down what needs to be paid attention within you, and ignoring the wisdom of your heart and body.

“To pay attention, this is our endless and proper work.”- Mary Oliver

The truth is each of us has an inner resiliency and energy that has been dulled by the pace at which we go about our days.  The truth is we need to pause in order for our soul to shine once again. We need white space to breathe into our truth.  And it begins with a radical, counter-cultural commitment to deeply nourish yourself.

Can you imagine how it would be to live, parent, work, and love from a place of deep nourishment? Can you imagine how it would be to treat yourself as a sacred temple? It’s possible. I promise.

Say YES to the invitation of winter to rest, go within, and explore the sacred landscape  inside of you. Say YES to the invitation of the Divine to learn how to bring presence and compassion to the VISITORS within you of grief, loneliness, longing, desires and joy and welcome them all as beloveds. Say YES to living with a deeper sense of calm, clarity, and ease.

Cease the invitation and opportunity of this WINTER SEASON. Slow down to its primal purpose of REST in service of connecting deeper to your soul’s knowing.

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