Who’s Vision is This?

Something I often hear from the women I coach is that they followed the vision someone else had in mind for them, like that of their parents, their educational institution, or the organization for which they work. The good news is they eventually wake up and say, NO more, I want my life back, and I want to go after what my heart and soul desires.

This awakening is a beautiful thing and also is something that takes mindfulness to achieve. If you have spent most of your life successfully following someone else’s vision, then you need to have a reset in your life and actions. It is akin to the old saying of “building your muscle,” it takes time and practice.

I think a great first step is forgiveness and love. Forgive yourself for losing track of what is most important and giving yourself love for where you are today. Be super loving and kind to yourself without exception.

Years ago, when I was going through my career transition and feeling so lost and eventually “woke up,”  I had to forgive myself for my choices. I made the best choices I could at the time. This was my call to look for something more aligned with my heart and soul. I could not change the past, but I most certainly could change the future.

You can too. You have the freedom and the power to change your future. You just need to keep “building your muscle” of creating a vision. Be wary of your inner critic here, she may sneak in and tell you your vision is not possible or say “who do you think you are”. Allow yourself to play with dreaming and visioning. Give yourself permission to try on your dreams and visions. You can always change your vision later if it is not a right fit or if old habits of letting someone else’s vision drive you finds it way back. No problem, scratch that and start again.

I think one of the best ways to trigger your “vision muse” is to go outside in nature and/or move your body. The vision may come during a hike or a run on the treadmill. Then go and write it down. Allow it to marinate and see if something else arises.

Experiment, experiment and experiment more, all the while checking in with your heart and seeing what elements of your vision resonate with your most authentic self.


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