We Can do Hard Things

As author Glennon Doyle says, we can do hard things. We really can, especially when we are aligned with our WHY and our PURPOSE. Think about it: how many times have you moved mountains for something you believe in or felt passionate about? How many times have you made the impossible possible? As women, we are constantly figuring things out. In a world that caters to white men, we have found our way to the military, government, board rooms, corporations, nonprofits and more. We have figured out how to live in a patriarchal world. 

Has it been easy? Hell no, but when we are motivated, we find a way. When I work with women, my main objective is twofold 1) empower her through connecting the dots of her life story and 2) help guide her to her inner knowing and PURPOSE. When those two ingredients co-exist, then change is possible. Creating a life worth living comes true. Is it perfect? No way. But is it satisfying and fulfilling? Hell yes! 

Confidence comes through taking action, not through reading books, although reading books is great. My passion is helping women remember who they are and what is important to them, which is often different than what they were told by parents, teachers, religious organizations, etc. My intention is to help them reconnect with  what is truly important to their heart and soul. 

I want all women to know their value and find their voice. My passion comes from my own struggles and authentically knowing how great it feels on the other side. It is always an ongoing journey, but there is a switch that gets flipped and once it does, there is no going back.

If you are a woman wanting to create change in your life and live based on your personal values and your heart, I want to support you. I want to shine the light on your greatness. I want to remind you that you can do hard things, you already have, whether you recognize it or not. 

Here is what I suggest to get  started:

  1. Write out your life story. Focus on when you had a goal, and how you overcame it. Take note of the WHY behind it and what kept you fighting for that goal. 
  2. Go into nature, get quiet and listen to what nature is telling you. What are the messages from the trees, the sky, the birds the land animals? Really open your heart and mind and receive. 
  3. Envision what you want and then write about how your life will be when you have it. How will you feel? How will your day to day life look? How will your relationships improve? Dream big and step into the possibility. 

Your purpose is your birthright. It wants to fulfill it with you aligned. What I see over and over is even if you try and ignore it, it will persist, through your dreams, through messages from strangers and friends. Your purpose will keep knocking until you reply. 

The biggest obstacle I hear is that it is too hard to change, because__________fill in the blank.  Here is my answer, yes it will FEEL HARD at times but you can do it, as long as you take it one step at a time, focus on your WHY, and get support!

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