Your Value Exists No Matter What

I want you to know deep down to the bottom of your soul that you matter. You are valuable whether you are getting paid for the work you do in the world or not. You matter whether you are paid multiple thousands of dollars, 20K, or nothing at all. You are valuable whether you are doing work you love or not. Simply said, you are valuable NO MATTER WHAT.

Over the past week, a few of my clients have shared that they doubt their value. I am a fierce advocate to interrupt this thinking. It’s simply not true. Rather, its the DIS-EASE of capitalism. Women are on the low end of the totem pole in this capitalist country, and as a result,  we may tend to doubt our value. I say NO MORE to this! It is part of the systemic DISEASE to leave women doubting their value.

You are VALUABLE NO MATTER WHAT. You are valuable simply because you are a breathing human being on this planet.

Work is secondary and not connected to our value as people. It gets confusing living in a sexist, capitalist country that promotes the worship of money and consumerist habits to keep the cycle churning.

Mothering is one of the toughest jobs on this planet, and as you know if you are a Mom, it is work. Unpaid work. Does that make the work of motherhood less valuable? No, absolutely not.

Having strength in the skills of relationship building, connecting, caretaking, and emotional and social intelligence is of great value, especially at this time in our history.

Do not let the ISMs of SEXISM and CAPITALISM take the driver seat in your mind. When doubt arises about your value, pause, breathe and reframe. Get an accountability buddy to help you track the recording in your mind. It is NOT WHO YOU ARE. Get a circle of women around you reminding you of how very valuable you are.

Talk to yourself like you would your best friend or loved one. Be gentle, be kind, and know you do not have to WORK for your value. It is intrinsic. You just need to claim it. And if so, over and over and over.

I see you. I hear you. I honor you. I want for you to know how very precious you are simply because you exist.


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