The Value of Our Teammates in Career Transition

Recently, I learned that a past co-worker and friend died. Mark was young, only 55. He left behind his wife and 2 daughters. It is absolutely heartbreaking. It reminded me how much who we work with is as important as the work we do. He was an excellent friend and co-worker. His death is also another reminder of how short life truly is.

I really disliked my work for many years, but I was also feeling stuck because I did not have a vision of where I was headed. What helped me tremendously in this in-between time besides my coaches and mentors was my co-workers.

I was incredibly lucky to work with some amazing human beings.

They were funny, smart, creative and entertaining. Together we laughed A LOT and we supported each other.

Having this type of connection with my co-workers helped me during my long 4-year transition of going toward my purpose work. Working in an environment of people who support you is key.

If you are in a work transition, find your people at work, even if it is just one person, one confidante. Create a circle around you, both inside and outside work. The human experience is meant to be shared, the human experience is meant to feel connection. Yes, we have different preferences around introversion and extraversion, but ultimately we all want someone around us, rooting for us, supporting us, reminding us that “this too shall pass.”

When I think back to that work and those people, my heart is full of love for my co-workers; I am grateful to have had them in my life. Honestly, at the end of life, that is what humans focus on, the human connection, not the promotions, titles, or things. Rather, we focus on how we felt about the connections in our life.

I am a huge advocate of being present and even enjoying the process of change.

Holding your breath until you are in work that fulfills you is counterproductive. If every experience in our life is a deepening of our spiritual evolution then it is important that we create tools and structures to support us through the process. I want people to relish the process as much as the result. This takes reminding, absolutely, but is totally possible.

If you are currently miserable or dissatisfied with your work and desire a change, then find your tribe and support each other.

Humans need humans, period. Our species is not meant to be alone. We are meant to be connected and supporting each other.

My friend Mark, the coworker that just passed, helped me in making my leap to my purpose work over a decade ago when my inner critic got triggered at the tipping point of my change.

I had given notice to my boss, something I mapped out and planned for 9 months. Ironically, I was having one of my best sales years. The Vice President called and urged me to reconsider and stay for 4 more months so that I could receive my yearly bonus, a large amount of money. I became confused, aka my inner critic got triggered.

I asked Mark to lunch so he could help me think about it. I let him know what the Vice President said and that now I was confused. His response was clear. He reminded me how I had planned for 9 months to leave and move to my new work. He told me that no amount of money can replace the happiness that my new work will provide. He was clear and steadfast in his response. Part of this was who he was, but another part was that I had him on my team. My team of people to support me in moving into my purpose work. He knew my story, he knew my vision, and he was in full support.  Thank you, Mark, may you RIP!


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