Undo the Doing Part of You

A client recently shared with me that the word  “homework” is triggering for her. I asked her to name what the word “homework” means to her. She instantly said it feels like having to get out her computer and do spreadsheets. She noticed she felt contracted and resistant. I loved this exploration with her and what it uncovered and clarified for me is that in my personal purpose work, I help women UNDO THE DOING PART of themselves.

My clients are so tired of working hard. They deeply desire to connect to their soul and being. They desire a RE-MEMBERING of their wholeness and creativity. They desire to match who they are with the work they do in the world.

The good news I know to be true is that all of this is totally possible. The harder news is it takes time and attention to unravel the always on, doing part of ourselves.  It takes time to peel the layers that have been layered upon you. It takes time, but with persistence and support, you can deeply connect to your BEING and undo the doing.

The doing part tells us to do more, produce more, push, push, push. The being part opens our heart and asks us to listen to our wisdom. The doing part compares ourselves to others and despairs. The being parts deeply trust our own unique path. The doing part tells us we are not enough. The being part tells us we are enough and right where we are supposed to be.

Women. it is our time. Truly more than any other time in history we are waking up to the walls that confine us both internally and externally. I want you to know that your wisdom lies within your BEING, not your DOING.

So to be clear when I say “homework” to my clients, what I am actually inviting them to do is to BE with themselves. I am inviting you back home to yourself. I am inviting you to pause and take inventory of yourself, your needs and desires. I am inviting you back to your primal self. The one that knows and has always known. “Welcome home,” she will whisper.

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