Trust the Mystery in Career Transition

So much of career transition means sitting with the unknown about where you are going to land. I want my clients to enjoy the journey, not just hold their breath until they start their purpose work.

In our culture, we have lost sight of our BEING because we focus too much on DOING. And the truth is, our bodies need rest; our bodies need to relax. It is from this place of being that inspiration arises.

Sometimes feeling anxious can be a big part of career transition, but if we drop deep within and take care of our internal selves, we can stop reacting to the external factors in life that can often leave us feeling anxious, like comparing and despairing. We look at what other people’s lives look like on the outside and feel badly because when we compare our insides to their outsides. Remove the comparing and you get to create a deep and rich connection to your wise, higher self.

Living life from within allows us to develop a deeper relationship with our authentic self, thus propelling us into a new realm of being and inspiration.

What Does “Trust the Mystery” Mean?
It means you stay connected internally.
It means you stay aware of the present moment.
It means you look for signs that something greater than yourself is holding your highest good.
It means seeking answers from within.
It means allowing your feelings to arise and meeting them with compassion.
It means creating altars and rituals to remind you of your connection to your wisdom.

Create a Purpose Work altar. Choose objects from your intuition and your heart not your left brain. Let this combination of objects bring your joy, inspiration a feeling of hope. Allow the altar to be your physical reminder that there is a higher power who wants to fulfill your desires.

When we take actions from an unexamined belief system we get the same results. If we dive deep within ourselves, into our wisdom, we make different choices and thus create something new that aligns with our authentic self and values.

I encourage my clients to balance their attention between the tangible and intangible while in transition. I think it’s easy to DO and take action toward change, but if we are NOT checking in with how we feel or the belief system we are operating from, then we basically keep spinning our wheels and create the same scenarios over and over.

An unexamined life and belief system will keep our growth and connection to our highest good at a minimum. To create real and authentic purpose work we have to trust the mystery and trust our unfolding in new territory. After all, it will be new territory if you are truly creating something purposeful.

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