There’s Only One Guarantee in Life

What would you do if you only had 6 months to live? How might you live your life differently?

When I start working with new clients, I ask them to think about life from their deathbed. What would you have wanted to experience, seen and accomplished to feel fulfilled? This can be a hard question for some. We are not a culture that eagerly supports looking at life from the perspective of death. But the truth is we will die one day; life in your current body will end.

Looking at life from the perspective of death can actually be an empowering experience. Each day we live, we also die. Each day, month, and year that passes leads us that much closer to our death.

We can often get into the trance of believing we have all the time in the world. We can tell ourselves, I will change that habit, job, or relationship later. But the truth is time is not unlimited, it truly is finite. Change does take time, but the start of change is in our mind. Our mindset creates the changes we seek.

If you are desiring purpose work, you need to first believe it is possible. Living from possibility and moving toward change has the effect of feeling empowered, alive, and energized. Even if we were to die before we made the change we were seeking, the gift would be the felt experience of moving toward the desired outcome or goal and feeling excited, focused, inspired, and hopefully is the difference between living life with energy versus living life with resignation that the change or possibility we desire will never come to fruition.

It truly can be a gift to look at life from our death bed and the added bonus may be less fear of dying because it is not something we never think about but something we live with day to day that motivates us into taking action toward a more fulfilling life.

Sit in inquiry with these questions. Let me know if anything opens up for you.

  1. How would I live life differently if I knew when I was going to die?
  2. What is currently missing in my life?
  3. How can I embrace death in service of more life?
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