The Power of Appreciation

Imagine a world where people pause and told you that your smile, hug or kind words made their day. Or how simply your loving presence opened their heart. We do not hear or give enough appreciation in our society. Living on the go distracts us from purposefully pausing, reflecting and acknowledging with ourselves and each other in appreciative ways. We are near each other but sometimes we miss each other.

You may be asking what does appreciation have to do with career change and purpose. My answer is everything. If we are not able to pause and appreciate ourselves or others, we will not be able to connect with our purpose, life force, and the bigger vision. Simply put, human beings need human beings to flourish.

As a highly sensitive person who coaches many highly sensitive people, I often hear from them, co-workers, family, neighbors, and people in the local community how they crave more connection, presence and listening both internally and with each other.

I would love to experience a world where we appreciate at least one person a day. Truly, wholeheartedly, and lovingly appreciate them. I truly think this small act could contribute to a better world.

Sometimes it is hard to think of an appreciation of another because we have a need to feel appreciated. The answer to this feeling starts with you. Sometimes the best way to find appreciation for others is to appreciate yourself first.

Did you show up when did not want to show up? Did you rest when you needed to rest? Did you let yourself slow things down for a moment or for the day? Did you let yourself cry if you needed to cry?

Self-love is like a ripple that spreads when the stone hits the water. Truly loving ourselves seeps out into others loving themselves. Your act of self-love can then seep into another, giving herself permission to love herself and so on.

The secret to appreciation is to keep is short, sweet and authentic. Let me know if you start the practice and what you notice. I always love hearing from you.

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