The Enneagram and Why it is so Cool

What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is an ancient spiritual system that describes nine different personality types or styles based on motivation. It is an excellent tool to use for personal and spiritual evolution. It can be used as a tool for self-compassion as well as a way to to generate empathy for others both professionally and personally.

I learned about the Enneagram in 2005 and was immediately hooked. I have used it in my coaching practice over the past 10 years. This system has helped me both personally and professionally. It is one of my absolutely most favorite assessment tools. You can see a brief description of the types here.

Why is the Enneagram my favorite?

I love that it’s foundation is based on a soul view of the world. I love that it helps you see your blind spots. I love that it does not look at life as existing in a box but rather it opens up opportunities to view life from different perspectives and observations. I love that it is complex and really mirrors the complexity of human behavior.

How can you use it in your life?

First and foremost, I suggest you figure out your type. You can take a test online. I suggest that you take the test from the perspective of your high school self, before you did any personal growth. t can be a bit harder to test to your core type after you have done some personal growth work. Once you are clear on your type and have a better understanding of all nine types, the Enneagram  is an excellent tool in helping you understand your co-workers and loved ones. You can better understand their motivation, fear, communication style, and life perspectives. It is important to not use the Enneagram to box people in or manipulate them. Rather, you want to use it as a way to expand your perspective and jumpstart your compassion toward others.

Myers Briggs (MBTI)  vs. Enneagram

I like both the MBTI and Enneagram, but I prefer the Enneagram in conjunction with personal and spiritual growth. The Enneagram is like Myers Briggs on steroids. MBTI is focused on human behavior whereas the Enneagram focuses on motivation and can be used to help track personal evolution.

The Value of the Enneagram in Career Transition

Once you know your Enneagram type you can also use it to your advantage in career transition. It can help you with knowing what work may best suit you and your personal motivation. It can also help you in understanding your communication style as well as that of others.  Lastly, the Enneagram can be an excellent tool in networking and interviewing for jobs.


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