Why GreenLight?

Twelve years ago, when I was deciding to name my business, it became clear that it must be GreenLight. Many people hear GreenLight and think it must have to do with  GO, like go forward, take action, keep moving. the name actually came from my first experience with the Green Flash in Kauai, HI. ... [Read More]
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The In Between

Our culture values clarity, knowing, certainty, and goals. But so much of life is a process of transition, change, not knowing, and feeling lost. Years ago, a mentor did a simple exercise with me. We were sitting in her living room and she asked me to find all the blue in the room. I tracked the room and took a mental note of what was blue. Then... [Read More]
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Who’s Vision is This?

Something I often hear from the women I coach is that they followed the vision someone else had in mind for them, like that of their parents, their educational institution, or the organization for which they work. The good news is they eventually wake up and say, NO more, I want my life back, and I... [Read More]
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When in Doubt, Move Your Body

In career-life transitions, we often experience a period of not knowing, what will come, where the chapter will end, and how you will get to your desired destination. When in doubt, move your body and preferably in nature. Nature has a magical way of nurturing us and letting ... [Read More]
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Inspiration, Effort, and Flow

I love thinking about life through the seasons, especially the older I become.  Each season brings us a new beginning and ending-- weather, foods, flowers, plants, and trees.  Nature reminds us that nothing stays the same, yet there is a beautiful rhythm we can expect in life. The sun rises, the moon shines at night. The sun shines greater in sum... [Read More]
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The Benefits of Mindful Living

People in the coaching and wellness community have long extolled the virtues of living in the moment. Our society places so many expectations upon us that we often dwell on what has gone before and what lies ahead instead of focusing in on the here and now. Far from simply a feel-good mantra, mindfulness has been shown to have many practical and me... [Read More]
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How Can You Benefit From A Coach?

In recent years, there has been a popular movement towards wellness, mindfulness, and good mental health. Because of this, there are many people who are open to idea of discussing their career and home life issues as a way to identify solutions. But while the stigma of seeking a professional assistance has waned, many people simply do not understan... [Read More]
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The Gift of ‘Me-Time’

Structuring your life around family and work, no matter how much you may love both, inevitably leads to you giving much of your time and energy to others. There is nothing wrong with this. The work we do and the people we care about provide us with feelings of inspiration, achievement, and joy. Still, it is important to be sure to devote some of ou... [Read More]
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Live on Purpose and Live Longer

I believe purpose is something we choose again and again. It is something we need to pay attention to and build upon daily, like a good relationship. It helps us tap into our internal motivation, which helps us get up in the morning and ultimately leaves us feeling deeply fulfilled. I also believe we can create purpose in almost anything we do, it ... [Read More]
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It’s a New Day, Every Day!

Happy Summer! This time of year is a great time to re-evaluate your intentions for 2014. We are half-way through the year. You can acknowledge where you are on track as well as where you need more attention and focus to keep your 2014 intentions alive and flowing. Like many, I like to pick a theme for the year. My 2014 theme is EASE. My 2013 ... [Read More]
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