Surrender for Sanity

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. During career-life transition, there is often a period of insanity. Or rather, an experience of feeling insane. This can show up in taking action and not getting results. This can show up as deeply desiring clarity and feeling stuck.

However the insanity shows up, I want you to know that it is a true opportunity to surrender, to surrender to the unknown. Stop what you have been doing and surrender. The power of surrender is beyond words. If you are someone who likes to stay in action, surrender can feel very foreign. But remember, insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

If you deeply desire to create purpose work and want to transition out of your current work then you need to surrender and reassess. You need to pause and look at how you are showing up in your life and where you are putting your time and energy.

You need to take inventory and then create boundaries. Boundaries are a necessity when you want to create change. So many clients I have worked with struggle with boundaries. They say YES when they really want to say NO. They give away their time and energy without assessing the impact on their lives. Going toward your purpose work requires your attention and your energy. If you are leaking that energy, then your process of change will either take a long, long time, or you will just keep spinning your wheels in desire and frustration.

Here are my 5 suggestions when you feel INSANE in your career transition:

Surrender. Stop what you are doing, period.

  1. Take inventory of your life. Where do you spend your time and energy? Write everything down from your social, work, personal, health and home life.
  2. Write a list of your priorities during this transition.
  3. Review the list against your life inventory.
  4. Remove what is not in the category of priority. SET BOUNDARIES.

It can feel scary when you first start setting boundaries but it is a vital next step in taking you to the next chapter in your life. You can rest in the fact that if you are taking care of yourself at the highest level it is an invitation for the other person to take care at the highest level. We do a disservice to ourselves and others when we do not honor our personal time and energy.


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