Stay Connected to What Matters Most

Recently, I was speaking to a client who I worked with 5 years ago, she was returning to get coaching on her next career-life transition. We started the session with her updating me on the past 5 years. She was articulate and had clear wisdom that some of her fears and anxiety were based in the past. 

After we unraveled her fears,  I then turned the focus to her vision. What did she want for her next chapter of work? What was working and what was not that could inform her vision? What was missing that she needed? 

She was quick to clarity on what she wanted for herself and work and what she recognized is that the fear was keeping her in a loop. A loop of fear that made it almost impossible to feel empowered and inspired.

Slowing down and putting your attention on what you want, what matters and what is missing is the gold to stepping out of the quicksand of fear and into vision and empowerment. 

When you stay connected to what matters most you, then you are able to ground yourself and inspire your motivation and next steps. 

A great place to start is by checking in with the body. Getting out of your head, you start to simply take deep breathes, put your hand on your heart and just breathe. Notice your breathe and notice your body. Once you feel yourself calming then you can start to turn your attention to the bigger picture. 

This is what I love about coaching, the space of coaching can help you ask more expansive questions about your life and stay connected to what matters most. When you are in the middle of our your life and purpose rather than the fringes, you can sink more into satisfaction and fulfillment. Purpose is a journey, a relationship not a destination. 

If you are feeling anxious or overwhelmed today. Take a moment or a few moments to breathe, and then ask, what do I most need in this moment? What is missing? Just take one baby step at at a time. 

Coaching offers the holding to name your needs, desires and then empowers you to take the next right action.


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