Plan, Action, Surrender, and Repeat

I want to focus on the power of surrender. The older I get, the longer I coach, the more I have the privilege of witnessing loved one’s lives; what I know to be true is that there is a rhythm to life. There is an ebb and flow to life, like how the seasons have different feelings and energy associated with them, so does our individual life. Especially, when you are in transition. Career transition is a powerful time, it brings up all areas of life. Career transitions are really, life-transforming.

As a coach, I am a huge advocate of setting goals, planning and taking action, really getting out of your comfort zone but I also want to highlight surrender, letting go. It is a very key component of the process of transition.

Allow the surrender, allow the sitting back, breathe and simply, let go, allow it to come to fruition. Let go, allow the process, trust the process. We are a culture of doing, planning, doing and more; in our lifetime that has increased. Allow, let the magic in, let the possibility in, let it be easy. Honestly, life can be easy if we simply allow. I am not suggesting there are not challenging times or painful times but we can truly let go and allow the process to complete without pushing, pushing, pushing.

I witness miracles happen when you simply let go and surrender. I am not talking about loud music and bright white lights. I simply mean,  I see you get that job you want, I see you find that partner you have been waiting for, I see you open to that new awareness that has been holding you back, I see you get that opportunity to move, I see you find that dream house, I see you get pregnant, I see you reconnect with that loved one, I see you find peace…

I encourage you to give yourself the gift of letting go. Allow it to be easy, allow grace in, today.

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