Pace Your Entry

A New Year is special as it awakens us to the possibility of a fresh start. It is a time when many people make resolutions about health, food, exercising, quitting smoking, finding a new job, finding a partner, creating more community, volunteering etc. Many of us rush out to make all the changes at once which ultimately fails and leaves us feeling defeated and resigned to wait for another opportunity to change.

I am going to suggest slow it down. First, acknowledge last year, take time to feel complete, whether it was a fantastic, mediocre or terrible year. Really allow yourself to feel complete and appreciate all you did to walk through this past year.  You could write about it or talk about it with a friend and when you feel complete turn your focus to the year ahead.  You can start by asking yourself these questions below:

  • What is the most important change I want to in my life today?
  • What do I imagine this change will offer me in my life?
  • What kind of support do I need?
  • Who will support me?
  • How will I celebrate each step along the way?

Change only one thing at a time and break that one thing down into baby steps. My experience with coaching clients shows me if you break change into small steps and stay focused on one thing then the change will happen and be sustainable. A steady pace can reap big reward.

It is like a snowball that builds upon itself; confidence, inspiration, and motivation build one another. The confidence, inspiration, and motivation (intangibles results) are priceless. It is much easier to make change from a positive perspective than from a perspective of  “I am a failure, or I can’t do this.”

“It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop.”

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