There Are More Options Than Time in a Day, Week, Month, and Even a Lifetime

Life is full of options and possibility. On any given day, we have multiple choices to make every day. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • When will I go to sleep and wake up?
  • What will I eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks?
  • When will I workout?
  • What will I do for my workout?
  • When will I connect with my partner, friends, and family?
  • What tasks will take priority today at work?
  • When should I make a doctor’s appointment?
  • When and where should we go on vacation?
  • What should I buy or not buy (clothes, phone, furniture, computer, car etc.)?
  • What will I read?

Then there are hobbies we might take on, like singing, playing musical instruments, dancing, improv, art, sewing, knitting, crocheting and much more.

The truth is, there are more options and possibilities than time in the day, week and our lifetime. The best way to choose our lifestyle is to intimately know our personal values. Personal values are NOT morals or ethics. They are a list of what is most important to us in life. Living life based on our values versus how we think we should live is like a breath of fresh air. Doing so empowers us to make choices with clarity and confidence.

When you are in career transition, it is vital to take a look at your whole life and make changes to support the transition into purpose work. Nothing changes if nothing changes. When I first start working with clients, I often suggest they send an email to friends and family letting them know they are embarking on a career transition with the support of a coach and may not be as available. I recommend this for two reasons. First, to let family and friends know your change may affect them and never the less you love them. Second, this email is  a way to help enroll your friends and family into supporting you and holding you accountable.

Here is an important and powerful tool to track your choices and time: Track what you are saying YES to as well as what are you saying NO to. Start to track if you are saying YES to something to which you would rather say NO. Also notice if you are saying NO to something you really want in your life due to too many YESs. The first step is to simply notice and become aware. Once you are aware and present to the change you want to make, then start reversing those YESs and Nos. Then, as a final step, notice the impact. How do you feel when, for example, you are saying YES to that dance class and NO to working extra hours? How does your choice impact your life?

I love hearing from you, let me know if this was helpful.

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