Nature is the Master of Transition

Transition. Growth. Flow. Pause. Transition.

Career Transition can feel scary, confusing, and lonely. These feelings can cause us to question if we are capable of persevering through the transition. Yet, life is a constant transition we experience each and every day. I find that the best teacher of transition is NATURE!

Nature is a master of transition. The four seasons, sunrises, sunsets, and the weather is ever changing. The water ebbs and flows, the tide is low and then high. The Moon phases throughout the month. Birds, whales, and some animals migrate, while others hibernate. Nature is always changing, always evolving.

Living life in rhythm with nature can bring meaning and connection to your heart and soul. It is also connect you with this precious, beautiful planet that we inhabit. When you feel lost, go to nature. It will serve you. It will calm you and enlighten you. Take a moment to recall the many ways that nature has opened your heart, soothed your worries, or provided inspiration. Let those memories flood in.

Today, March 20th, is the Spring Equinox. Yes, we are officially done with Winter!

Welcome Spring and say goodbye to Winter. It is also a full moon, called the Full Worm Moon, which means the earth is ready for the worms, seeds and birds. It is a wonderful reminder that all is connected by a beautiful ecosystem of connection and flow.

Before you jump into Spring, I suggest reflecting on your Winter season so you have a clean slate to begin this new season.

❖What went well for you in Winter?
❖What was disappointing in the Winter Season?
❖What do you need to let go so you can move into Spring?
❖What projects, ideas, or experiences will you continue in Spring?

Spring’s energy is fresh, blossoming, and forward moving. It brings rebirth and new beginnings. The days are longer, lighter, and warmer. It feels abundant and alive.

After you’ve reflected on Winter, turn your attention to Spring and explore:

❖What intentions do you have for this season?
❖What do you want to bring to fruition?
❖What will your focus be for the next 3 months?

The seasons are a gentle loving reminder that not only can we do the hard thing of a career transition, but it is also a wonderful reminder that nothing stays the same. We get to lean into the ever changing nature of life with grace.

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