Managing Energy Leaks during Shelter-in-Place

Many of us women are caretakers, in many different ways, s0 it is vitally important we find ways to maintain our energy, especially during this stressful global pandemic. One important way to do this is to plug up any leaks to your energy.

Some examples of leaks could be over-giving, saying yes more than no, and weak boundaries with family and friends (AKA Zoom parties), social media, movies, and TV shows. There is nothing inherently wrong with caring for people, but if it is ever a choice between disappointing yourself or someone else, never disappoint yourself. Choosing to spend time on social media, or watch movies and TV shows is not a bad thing, at times it can be relaxing. But if it starts to drain your energy then it is time to step back and move toward more balance .Go back to your center and ask your body what it needs at this moment. 

Think of your body and mind as a temple–a sacred temple–that must be treated with  love and care. 

We are all sitting under a cloud of stress these days.  We each have different levels of stress, but here is the thing, it really does not need to be competition. All you need to do and are responsible for is to check in with your body and see if you feel overwhelmed, anxious, and/or exhausted. All of these are red flags to SLOW DOWN, REST, and GO WITHIN. 

Now more than ever is the invitation to SLOW DOWN and REST. Your inner critic may be saying go faster, push harder, but really, truly, the best medicine is to REST. Breathe and allow yourself to feel your body, allow it to unravel and relax. It’s mandatory to allow your BRAIN and your BODY the space to slow down and deeply rest. 

Here are a few ideas to slow down and rest. You can take a nap, wander in nature, slowly, swing in a hammock, sit in a rocking chair, lay on the earth, and/or take a hot bath. All of these restorative activities help to plug energy leaks.

Our immune systems are compromised by stress, and given that this virus is more than likely going to infect 70% of us, we need to SLOW DOWN, BREATHE and REST so that our immune system can do its job.

Quarantine is a time to take inventory and see what is currently working and not working in your life situation. There is so much we can not control but we can control who and what we give our time and energy. 

Inventory Questions:

  1. How is social media serving you and not serving you?
  2. Are the movies or TV shows you are watching uplifting you or draining you? If draining, what else can you watch?
  3. Are the people you are interacting with outside your home, filling your cup or draining you? If draining you, how can you create some strong boundaries to take care of yourself, put on your oxygen mask?
  4. How much alone time are you getting right now? If none, how can you start getting a little bit each day? 
  5. If you truly take in the fact that your mind and body are a temple, what would you do differently to be self-loving and nurturing during this stressful time? 

One of my favorite mantras right now is this: For now we SURVIVE later we THRIVE. This is a time to nest within our heart and soul. 

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