Letting Go

Can you believe it is already November 2020? This has been an intense year. So much has happened, and we have all been called to lean into our flexibility and resiliency more than many of us thought was possible. 

Please give yourself a giant hug. No matter how you are feeling today, you have made it to November 2020. Maybe it has been messy, maybe it has been up and down, and maybe it has been feeling hard each and every day. Regardless, you are here in this moment, breathing, and continuing on.  That is well worth a pause of deep acknowledgement and recognition. 

During these intense times, I highly encourage you to carve out time to acknowledge all that you do each day. It is vital to feel connected to yourself and your life. 

Many of my clients these days are focused on deeper questions related to  what is next? What do I truly want to be doing with my life? What is truly important? One of the best questions during this amplified time to ask yourself is, WHAT CAN I LET GO? 

Fall is my absolute favorite season. I love the changing color of leaves, the changing of the light, pumpkins and squashes, the warmth of soups. It all feels so welcoming. And the best thing is Fall’s invitation to begin to SLOW DOWN and start to go deeper within. The energy of Fall is so very different from Spring or Summer, which is more external and energized. Also great but just different. 

To slow down, we really do need to let go of certain things in our life to make it work. Maybe you let go of late evening walks because it is dark and no longer light. Maybe you let go of getting too little sleep and start to sleep more. Maybe you let go of certain habits that do not make you feel good. Maybe you are letting go of Summer type foods and welcoming in Fall type foods. Maybe you let go of all the expectations you have had for 2020 that did not work out due to the pandemic. Maybe you let go of perfectionism that drains your energy. The list can go on and on. 

What is most important is to identify what you are ready to let go of. What needs to be taken off your plate so that you can slow down and go within? What is taking too much of your time and energy and needs to go for now? Where in your life do you want to feel lighter and less constricted? 

Letting go is a gift to your heart and your soul. It is an opportunity to create necessary endings in alignment with the season. Spring will be the opportunity to refresh and revive.  But for now, allow the darkness of Fall to be an invitation to tend kindly to your heart and soul. 

If you want to dive deeper into LETTING GO in your life, I would love to support you. Please email me to set up a session. 


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