It is not about trying harder

Yung Pueblo recently shared this beautiful quote on social media:

It is not about trying harder. Softness can open doors that force can not move. 

I say YES! Yes to softness, tenderness, kindness, and compassion. These are the words I want to see more in motion in our world. These are the words that invite you to be present in this precious life; these are the words that I want to guide us more daily. The practice of these words will significantly impact your life and the world, especially when you are in a life transition. 

When I coach my clients, I lean more toward assisting them to find those tender and soft places within. The peaceful places genuinely help you understand what you want, what you need, and what is next. It is not force. Often, when you come from a place of force, you may make the change, but it is not sustainable. It is not in support of listening to your inner wisdom. 

Our world is full of more, more, and more. It is full of pushing and forcing, but what if there is another way to make a change? Another way is inviting you to go within and be tender with yourself and your needs. What if the way to change is about slowing down, getting quiet, pausing, listening, and then tending to those whispers within? How might your life look different if you made a change from that quiet place within? 

After having the privilege of coaching for 15 years, my clients make more sustainable, fulfilling changes when they pause, reflect, and check in with their higher wisdom. Clarity comes from a calm and restful nervous system. It comes when we try a new way rather than doing it the same way over and over. It takes practice and self-awareness. As we approach the end of 2023, I invite you to reflect on your 2023 year. Where have you been harsh with yourself? Can you bring some self-compassion, tenderness, and kindness to that place within? Lean into being tender with yourself and your life; what do you notice? 

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