Internal Seasons

Do you ever ponder the ebb and flow of life? How sometimes we are in action, sometimes we are in planning mode, sometimes we are resting and sometimes we are in celebration. There are many layers of energy in life. I think we all have internal seasons and sometimes our internal season does not match the external season. For example, we are currently in the Fall season until December 21st (winter solstice) then we move into Winter. Fall is a time of harvesting and letting go and Winter is the season for being internal, allowing things to marinate.

My mission in coaching women in Career-Life Transition is simple. I want women to feel ease, grace, and confidence on and in their journey of change, transition, and transformation. I want women to know and trust their wisdom, their personal magic, and their unique creativity. I want the journey to be as rich and fulfilling as the end result. Life ebbs and flow, life changes, the more we can get comfortable in being with the change, the more we invite ease and grace into our experience.

Awareness is the key to this, knowing where you are, and how you feel is an invitation to empowerment and when we feel empowered we feel confident. And authentic confidence is contagious. How would life be different if you were flowing with the changes in your career transition? How might life be different if you were in acceptance of your changing life, welcomed it in fact?

What is your current internal season? Are you feeling the season of Spring while we are in Fall? Or are your feeling aligned with the external season?

As I said there is an ebb and flow of life, so maybe we feel some Spring in our step while in Fall for a few weeks. Maybe we feel some Winter in our souls while in Summer or maybe we feel some Fall in our hearts while in Spring. Be there, be here, allow yourself to be in YOUR INTERNAL SEASON.

Allow yourself, trust yourself, embrace your wisdom. Your soul, your body, your heart knows what is best for you, trust that. And if you are not sure, get some support. Allow yourself to be supported, allow yourself to be held, allow yourself to be guided by your own wisdom.  It is only when we are in the allowing that the change happens with the flow. When we resist, we are in upset, pain, frustration, or maybe even suffering. Be aware, allow and flow, life will change it is inevitable the seasons teach us this.

Below are the definitions of the seasons by Angeles Arrien, an anthropologist, writer, and teacher. I highly recommend her book The Four-Fold Way.

  • Spring is the season of renewal, regeneration, movement, and maintenance of health.
  • Summer is the season of abundance, fullness, and prosperity.
  • Fall is the season harvesting and letting go.
  • Winter is the season for incubation, gestation, and consolidation.
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