Heather Bleasdell Interviews Me About Mamas Going Back to Work

Heather Bleasdell is an interdisciplinary artist, professional psychic and magic teacher. Heather created the FearLess Journal™ process to help people harness the “holy shit” of new beginnings and develop their psychic senses through the practice of art & magic. Heather lives in Northern California and is raising two liberated females with her husband Steve.

Heather interviewed me to hear my thoughts about motherhood and work, my two passions. We had alot of fun. Here are some of the highlights:

  • We discuss the power of ASKING.
  • My definition of self-care and it may surprise you.
  • The spectrum of needs for all Mamas.
  • Re-defining your relationship to purpose with your work.
  • And we laugh ALOT, us Mamas need to laugh on a regular basis.

Listen to Celebrity Witch Heather Bleasdell Interview Michelle Olsen

(30 minutes, listen or download)