Go to Your Spiritual Foundation if You Find Yourself Comparing

I often hear clients comparing themselves to others, leaving them feeling despair, especially during a life transition. You know the saying, compare and despair. Can  you relate? It never makes sense to compare ourselves to other people professionally or personally. Every person has a unique path, journey, and timing. One of the best ways to contradict comparison thoughts is to remind yourself that you are a soul that has body. Your soul’s purpose is so much greater than this earthly existence. Your spiritual foundation is remembering this again, again, and again.

Almost 20 years ago, I got involved in a personal transformation organization called Landmark Education. There are many pros and cons to this organization, but for this post I want to share  a perspective that can empower you when you feel despair or feelings of less than.

The gist of it goes like this: Our human experience is based on societal and cultural norms. For example, we live in a capitalist country which promotes competition, survival of the fittest, and being the best. But what does that all really mean if we look at it through our soul eyes? It means nothing; it is all made up. We do not take any of our success or material things with us when we die, we only take our love. Yes, LOVE, pure and simple.

I think it is absolutely imperative to remember the big picture of life when you feel like you are circling the drain of despair. Pause and ask yourself, Did I just compare myself to someone else and come up short? Did I just view my life through another person’s eyes? Did I just choose to me harmful by self-judging? If yes, then take a breath, get into your body, breathe some more, put your hand on your heart, and remember you are a soul in a human body. You are living in a human existence that perpetuates competition, being the best and doing more, more and more. Instead, choose to love more, connect more, be more, relax more, tune into nature more, love yourself more and more.

Please, take off the shackles of compare and despair and remember the bigger picture. We are born, we live, and then we die. Everything in the middle is made up. We are simply a soul in a human body. You can lean into your unique path, your personal journey, and choose love again and again when anything else gets in the way.


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