Tara Riley

Before we began working together I felt very scattered. I knew I wanted to (needed to, really, for my own mental health( set goals for life beyond raising my kids but I could not articulate those goals, let alone begin working towards them.

I finally was able to articulate a career and life goal I’ve had for nearly a decade, and to reach that goal I enrolled in a training program, adopted an entrepreneurial mindset, began structuring my time in a far less wasteful way, and found time to really walk the talk of the career I’m transitioning to: health coach and self-care strategist. I will be something other than a mom-a-saurus! Michelle helped me get back to seeing my value beyond motherhood. She reminded me that my experiences prior to motherhood (and stopping working) are valuable experiences I can build on as I move into a new career, and that I have many options. She brought me back to a version of a path I’d been on long ago, and that I’m so excited to walk down again. She helped me find clarity surrounding my goals, and once I had that clarity we were able to develop a strategy for how to reach them, and without that clarity, strategy and her holding me accountable I would still be struggling to define myself outside motherhood.

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