Rebekah Cummingham

Before I decided to work with Michelle I was stuck; treading water without a shore to swim to.  I felt that I needed to do more but didn’t know what or how.  I felt unworthy, tired, and bored.  I leaned on the excuse of caring for others, lacking the clarity and motivation to find my path.  Michelle saw right through to the heart of me.  She immediately tapped into and helped me to name my strengths and my demons.  Together we faced my inner dialog and broke through to the other side.
Because of Michelle, I have found a clear career choice and a path to get there.  I studied and applied and have been accepted to a program as a starting point.  Working with Michelle helped me to reconnect with who I truly am and who I want to be.  It was an incredibly wonderful experience to work with such a thoughtful, attentive coach and I highly recommend it to anyone seeking a clearer path in life.
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