Rachael Maier

Before coaching, I was craving a big change. I felt stagnant in my work, and I wanted a shake-up. I was fortunate to cross paths with Michelle right before a big move to the Big Island. She helped me land safely on the other side and supported me through the transition, all the while helping me to not lose sight of my career goals. I found her style of coaching to be nurturing and gentle. She provided space and let me lead the way, guiding without pushing, and backing me up.

Michelle is an excellent listener, cheerleader, and sounding board. If you are finding yourself at a crossroads of any sort, Michelle is like a guardian angel who will not only watch over you, but get you safely to the other side, whatever that may be for you. I can’t recommend her highly enough. If you happen to make her acquaintance, take it as a sign and answer the call. I’m so glad I did.

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