Naomi L. Maloney

I came to Michelle fearful, sceptical and unsure as to what a career coach could do, let alone what one could do for me. Acutely aware that I was unhappy with my current situation, I was still confused about what made me unhappy and completely stalled as to what to do about it. Despite my uncertainty and scepticism, Michelle not only helped me to define and pursue a career shift, but also introduced a step-by-step process that made sense to me-and for me.

Michelle’s gifts are many, but one of her most remarkable is an ability to help balance choices against personal values and passions. It is precisely because of her incomparable listening skills and vivid observations that I was able to form a plan of action toward my own goals and stick to them. Each week I grew to trust her with my most incorrigible, embarrassing, self-imposed roadblocks. Each week her encouragement (genuine, considered, and appropriate to the situation) allowed me to walk away with tangible tools to use and keep. I am not the same person I was when we first met.

My career change did not happen overnight; the shift I sought was significant. But within a few months I made inroads, learned how to investigate, began building a network, and put one foot in front of the other. I often kept her coaching notes on my wall for encouragement. I quickly learned how to make the most of our sessions.

Within 11 months I landed a position that before working with Michelle, I did not even have the courage to pursue. The job is everything I hoped it would be. While the position takes advantage of talents and experience I’ve enjoyed, the title, the setting, the camaraderie and the life meaning surrounding this new career is entirely different: it is all quite inspiring to me.

I give Michelle my highest recommendation. In fact, I consider myself very lucky that she choose the career path that she did for herself!

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