Molly Mekjavich

In my life before coaching, I was constantly ruminating about making changes in my life. I felt unhappy with my situation almost daily for several years. I was caught in the hustle and bustle of maintaining two jobs, a marriage, raising two kids and keeping all the balls in the air. Dreaming about a life that matched my true values was my only escape. I rushed from work, to school meetings, to soccer pick ups, to dinner and fell into bed wishing it could be different, yearning for more time and spaciousness.

Coaching brought a new, focused energy to my dreaming. No longer was I just thinking about what life could look like, I was actively carving out space and time, slowly cultivating a heart-centered plan and actually making BIG decisions towards living my authentic best life. In the end, it wasn’t just that I freed myself from a job that no longer served me, but it was also that I developed the confidence and trust in myself to lead the way.

Working with Michelle is like being supported by a therapist, priestess, coach and friend all in one! I felt truly held in her competent hands. When you falter along the way (because faltering is part of the deal), Michelle will lovingly pick you up and guide you back to yourself and the vision you have created. Having Michelle in your corner is a precious gift, one that I will cherish for my whole life.

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