Mee-Sun Yuk

I started my journey with Michelle thinking that I just wanted help figuring out my next career move after a year of being in a job that wasn’t a great fit. Soon after we first met, I was let go from this job and pushed head first into so much uncertainty and self-doubt. I needed more support and guidance than I even knew at the time – processing this change and perceived failure, deciding what to do next, and figuring out how work could ever fit in with my life and upcoming journey to start a family.

Through Michelle’s coaching, I learned to give myself permission to really listen to myself – to hear what I needed and to take what I thought seriously. We worked together while I took a few months off in between jobs – she helped me find the peace and stillness I needed, created enough structure to feel progress, while creating space to explore. In the end, it felt like a new job that was a much better fit for me landed in my lap at the right time. But I know that this was the result of knowing myself better, being intentional about what I needed next, and walking towards where I want to be (rather than running from a job or the past).

Getting fired (especially during the pandemic) was one of the lowest points in my life. At that time, I did not think I could be in a new job, joyful, and feeling confident again just 8 months later. Michelle helped me grow and transform from the inside out – her holistic approach was exactly what I needed to leave the toughest situation even better than I was before.

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