Kristine L.

It was a new year and I was in a rut. I wanted to make a career change but being a new mother and breadwinner of my family, did not allow me to make drastic changes that I would normally go for. I wanted to take my time and really focus on what makes me tick, happy and secure. I wanted to thrive again as I have in the past. Only this time I was a new woman, a new mother and what made me happy in the past was no longer working. I finally was able to identify some passions and how they could be relevant for the next phase of my career.

I was able to realize that the ease and grace I was feeling around these passions was natural and a signal for me to take action on. This didn’t happen right away and that was the struggle for me in the beginning. I had to keep telling myself baby steps as Michelle would say. Sure enough the breakthrough did happen.

Through my dedication to the process I was able to get out of my rut. I started networking again, choosing events that I wanted to attend. I stopped going to events that were not worth my precious time or were not contributing to my next phase. I now make decisions with care and note how they will contribute to my goals. I continue to set goals (even non career related goals) big or small. Training for the NY Marathon has really been a blessing in terms of applying my work with Michelle. It is challenging and proving to me that if I can accomplish this I can do anything and start a business or go after a job I love. Self care was a huge part of the process for me in the beginning. It took awhile to get settled into it but I am very glad that Michelle focused on this in the beginning. Once I was more relaxed and paying attention to myself I was able to focus on a bigger picture. Michelle will not tell you what to do, but will guide you through your needs and provide support. If you are feeling down or behind on your goals, she finds a nugget that is motivational and has a way to bring out the positive that you may not see so clearly.

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