Daniele Clark

I have found the coaching relationship to be an extremely valuable resource in my life over the past six months. Michelle and I have developed an easy rapport and a trusting space in which to work. Our weekly meetings have given me an opportunity to reflect on where I am in my life today, progress I’ve made, and where I want to go next.

I find that having Michelle listen and pay attention, taking notes and the time to understand, helps me to stay focused on what’s important in my life by introducing a conscious outside perspective. Several of the exercises we have tried together have brought me new clarity, including looking at issues from various perspectives, identifying ‚ ‘gremlins,’ or self-defeating thought patterns, and perhaps most of all, identifying my core values to examine how they motivate me and how to live more in harmony with theses goals. These exercises seem to surface naturally and as needed, and do not seem to be gimmicks or experiments as some exercises can at times. I attribute this to Michelle’s sensitivity to what is actually going on with me at the time, and she reaches into her toolbox for the appropriate tool to bring perspective.

While our coaching relationship originally started out focusing on professional development / career issues, Michelle’s broad knowledge, experience, and listening skills were invaluable to me as I have been navigating a personal crisis as well. Her professionalism and her compassion make it very easy for me to relate to her and set my own path with coaching without fear of judgement, criticism, or fear of straying outside of her knowledge base.

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