Caressa Condo

Life before coaching, I had less direction and had very unstable boundaries with most family and some friends. I had a tough time putting myself first. It felt awkward and unnatural to apply daily self care at first. I didn’t really have a clue about self care and the importance of personal values but that all changed.
Working with Michelle was life changing. She is such an amazing person and coach. Her coaching led me to see my obstacles and create ways to move beyond them. It was a lot of soul searching but her guidance and her ability to stay neutral was so helpful. I looked forward to EVERY single session. Her nonjudgmental way made it a safe place for me to open up and be truly honest with myself.  Today, I feel more empowered and I know I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.
To have Michelle as my coach felt supportive and solid. She is also very empathic. She enabled me to achieve life changing practices. Michelle was a constant encouragement. Today I have a greater self awareness and I believe this to be a priceless gift to myself. I am no longer intimidated to put my wants and needs first. I honestly could go on and on…. THANKS MICHELLE!
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