Andrea S.

Before I started coaching with Michelle, I was in a crisis of the soul. I had left a career of 10 years and felt very unclear of my next step. I had left an unhealthy relationship two years prior, and remained fearful of re-entering the world of dating. I was depleted, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

As a result of our coaching relationship, I clarified my values, and my baseline needs for professional satisfaction. Michelle helped me to clarify and validate my skill-sets, and, more importantly, my essence. She facilitated my process of becoming aware of what brings me joy…the ways in which I experience resonance…my authenticity. This awareness translated into action, which resulted in very tangible changes:

  • Elimination of commute
  • New career path
  • Elimination of anti-depression medication
  • Weight loss of over 30 pounds, which continues gradually
  • Having fun, and learning, through dating!

I am eternally grateful to Michelle, and highly recommend Green Light Coaching!

The changes that emerged in my life as a result of our coaching relationship happened as I aligned my actions with my values and what is authentic to me, rather than from barreling through, and forcing solutions. Michelle is outstanding at listening for the heart of what is being said, and what is desired, and aligning with her client’s dreams and vision.