Amy Graham

When I began my sessions with Michelle last spring I thought it was to help me learn how to develop my private CPA practice. I had been working at a hospital for 7 years and doing private practice on the side. What I discovered through Michelle’s coaching was that there were needs in other areas of my life that were not being met that were actually inhibiting my progress to move forward. I lacked the self confidence I needed to believe that I could be self employed. Michelle helped me listen to my inner self and have the courage to leave my job. With her coaching I began to take steps in the personal areas of my life where I did not feel fulfilled and as a result lacked self esteem. Michelle is compassionate, intuitive and held me accountable each session to take the steps to control my own life. I started to find more purpose in life – not just a career. I’m heading in the right direction now and understand that only I have the power to design the life I want to live and no one can take it away from me. I would recommend Michelle to anyone who is in a career/life transition.
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