Allison Matt

Once I had my first coaching session with Michelle, I knew instantly that she was the right fit. She was warm, genuine and insightful. She has a positive approach and asks all the right questions to lead to discovery and clarity.I was looking to find direction in my career and alignment between what I was paid to do and what I loved to do. Throughout my coaching experience, that is exactly what happened. I made changes in my life to find that alignment and couldn’t be happier! A lot happens in less than an hour! Michelle’s approach allowed me to work through a beautiful process of unearthing my potential and passion. I began to move towards creating a work-life balance that is integrated and authentic. I was able to step back and look at things from a different perspective. I focused more on aligning my career goals with my personal goals. I then began to take action and move in the direction of the life I was looking to create. My coaching calls became a catalyst for how I lived my daily life. I am so grateful for my coaching experience with Michelle!
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