Getting Curious about Procrastination

Let’s talk about procrastination. Often on my coaching calls I hear women beating themselves up for being lazy and procrastinating.  But as we dive deeper I often notice not procrastination as much as an unawareness of one’s creative process toward taking action. I notice that as a culture we put alot of emphasis on the end result more than the process. What if you focused your attention on the process?

As in anything in life, there is a beginning, a middle and an end; when you put all your attention on the end, you miss the beginning and the middle. Here is an example, if you are wanting to build your network and reach out to new people, and that scares you, you may think, I am not DOING anything; thus you think, I am procrastinating. But what if you followed your thoughts, maybe you were needing to envision reaching out, feeling into that and then taking the action. But before you took the action you were already judging your lack of action and not putting your attention on you personal process of building up your courage.

We all have different pacing in relationship to courage. Some people leap toward fear, some people run from fear and some people get curious. We all are unique in how we get things done and that is a beautiful thing. Honor your process, honor your pace. GET CURIOUS and allow yourself to track your journey toward doing. What is your beginning and middle process toward action?

Of course, there may be tweaks you want to make, once you become aware but that comes from a very different energy than judgment. Making changes based on awareness is much more empowering than trying to make change from a place of judgment. Forcing action through judgment will never sustain you in the long run.

If you find yourself calling yourself lazy, I encourage you to PAUSE, take a breathe, get CURIOUS and then become aware of your thoughts.

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