How do you leave a job you hate?

Often when my clients start working with me, they want to leave a job they really dislike or is draining them. But unfortunately, due to financial obligations like food, shelter, and health they do not have the privilege to just quit. They feel “in between” where they are what they know they need, but struggle to plot a path forward.

The “IN BETWEEN” in life is hard. It amplifies life’s uncertainty and can feel uncomfortable. The “In Between” is like a hallway with many doors. We may know at some level we have options but we do not know yet, what those particular options are. This may trigger FEAR, which then triggers the primal part of our brain that then says our options are scarce. 

Life in the “in between” can cause us to fixate on all the things we dislike. It can generate a mindset that makes us  want to run, get out, and quit. The truth is  we can create FREEDOM from this place by quitting, but it is often a temporary reprieve and not sustainable as the consequences can affect the quality of your life. It will ultimately create more stress and less of an opportunity to go toward more purpose driven and fulfilling work.. 

I always tell people unless you have about 6 months to 1 year of savings to live on, then this “In Between” is an opportunity for deeper spiritual and personal growth. While not easy, this time can be an opportunity to create more of a relationship within so that clarity can arise. I actually believe all Career-Life Transitions are an opportunity to deepen our spiritual life. 

I propose creating a transition that focuses on “Freedom To versus Freedom From.” Freedom to offer the opportunity to truly reflect on who you are and what is most important to you. Then you get the opportunity to envision, get inspired, and take purposeful action toward your next work chapter. 

“Freedom To” is an opportunity to build up your self-connection, self- reflection and self-awareness. It offers you an opportunity to tap into your inspiration and personal values. It offers a bigger picture of your life. It is an expansive opportunity that is sustainable versus  “Freedom From,” which may feel expansive for a short time but does not give you the opportunity to dive deeper into self-reflection and inner wisdom, as it ultimately creates stress and may put you on a cycle of jumping from job to job for years, never really knowing what truly satisfies you. 

I always say, career transitions are very possible and fulfilling when you add a big dose of self-care and compassion. I encourage you to start your transition from the place of “Freedom To.” Allow this chapter in your life to help you build the strong foundation that will inform the next chapter, so that you are left feeling empowered and free to take the next steps. 


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