Follow the Breadcrumbs to Your Purpose Work

Years ago, when I was working my corporate sales job, I traveled to Connecticut for our yearly national sales meeting. I was miserable. No one enjoyed going to these events, so there was a lot of drinking to make up for the angst everyone felt. I do not drink, so that part was not even enjoyable.

One night at my hotel, on the phone with a friend, I shared how unhappy I was in the corporate environment. In response to my dismay, my friend asked me the perfect question: what do you see is missing from the corporate world?

My response to my friend was this: I want to see more humanness and authenticity in the corporate world. I want people, myself included, to be encouraged to be human.

This powerful question helped me tap into my value system. Anytime you want to know what your personal values are, you can look in two directions for the answer. You can ask yourself, what makes me happy and satisfied? OR what makes me unhappy and frustrated? Therein lies your values.

You see, much of what is tied into being a “professional” takes away from being human. The truth is, when we are in environments that foster our humanness and authentic leadership, then our innovation and creativity sore. Our ability to collaborate and work as a team increase. It is actually a win-win for everyone. You can read anything from Daniel Goldman to back this idea up.

My friend’s next question was even more powerful. He asked, what are you going to do about it?” WOAH was my next thought. My fear kicked in, but then I let the question sink down deep into my bones. Yes, I could do something about this, was my next thought. I could bring more authenticity and connection to the corporate world.

This conversation happened in 2002. I did not make my actual career transition until 2007.

My friend and I now refer to this phone call as the Connecticut conversation. It was the first breadcrumb in my career transition, my first AHA moment, and a very powerful AHA indeed! It is what led me to explore more about Organizational Development and Psychology. It led me to try and practice more of my authenticity at work. It led me to get my Masters in Organizational Psychology and my coaching certification from the Coaches Training Institute. I spent a couple intense and wonderful years getting educated and moving toward my purpose work. Then I made my transition out of sales into the privilege of supporting women soar into their purpose work.

Let’s honor being human, both personally and professionally. Purpose work is a journey and it takes having a conscious relationship with our work. Follow the breadcrumbs and therein lies your wisdom. Therein lies your deepest values. It is not so complicated, it just takes paying attention.


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