Feeling Lost

The current reality of our lives both collectively and individually has many of us feeling lost, leading us to ask big questions about life, our purpose, what really matters, and what is the next step? 

As I prepare to turn 50 and try to envision my next decade, I feel fuzzy and foggy. I feel like I am still trying to catch up with myself and stop the energy drain from the last year and half. I feel like I am flowing down the rapids of a river and I just want to hit an eddy and pause. 

I do know that transitions and change always have a chapter of feeling lost and in the unknown, and I have come to deeply trust that chapter. I know in the bottom of my heart and toes that more will be revealed. I just need to keep listening within. It simply takes trusting ourselves. 

If you are feeling lost, foggy, or uncertain, I invite you to let that be. Just keep sitting with the experience of not knowing. Just keep loving yourself and breathing. It will shift. The sun will come up, and things will become more clear. 

Our culture values clarity, knowing, and the end result. All of which are great, but the actual journey to clarity, knowing, and the end result can be fulfilling and rich with sacredness. 

I invite you to reflect:

  • What does feeling lost teach you? 
  • What is the unknown unraveling for you? 
  • When have you felt lost before and what happened? 

We humans are so dynamic with  incredible stories and experiences that have cultivated our resilience and built upon our wisdom. We are collectively in another experience that has demanded our flexibility, adaptability, and perseverance. The entire world has been turned upside down and each of us have stories of how this pandemic has turned us inside out in ways we could not have imagined in January 2020. 

So again, my invitation is let yourself be lost and embrace  feeling lost. Trust yourself. Let yourself move slowly, lay in the grass, stare up into the sky, and allow the in-between to mold you into the next right chapter. It may take weeks, months, or even a year or more, and that is ok. Life is simply about PAYING ATTENTION. Bring your attention to where you are today. Allow GENTLENESS to guide you, and tend to your heart and soul. 

This moment in time will change, everything is always changing. You do not  need to rush out of being lost. Allow it, receive it, love it for its sacred place in life. 

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