Fear Is a Tricky Human Condition

A large part of career transition is our willingness to befriend our fear, and fear is a tricky thing. Fear can reveal itself very directly where we actually feel the fear in our body. It can also be a trickster.

Fear can show up as a distraction, daydreaming, ignoring and/or avoiding. We allow ourselves to be distracted either by traveling, shopping, and/or other people’s problems. We fall into daydreaming about what could be different without taking action. We ignore the change we deeply desire or we avoid the next right action toward change.

None of this is wrong. We are beautiful, complicated creatures, us humans. We all have multiple stories and experiences architected by our choices and circumstances. We are never wrong or bad for feeling fear. It is simply part of the human condition.

When I work with clients, I listen to what is not being said. I listen both intuitively and logically. I listen for the missing piece, the part of the unconscious that is begging to be paid attention to. The beautiful thing about our unconscious is it will find a way to be revealed, either by us or by someone else.

To unravel our fear we must first be present to the fact that fear exists and is finding its way into our lives. Our fear thinks it is serving us, but in most cases, it has just not aligned with our new reality and our new vision for our work and our life.

Here are 3 ways to befriend your fear:

1. In a stream of conscious, continue to answer this question over and over with the timer set for 5 minutes. “Fear is protecting me from____________________.

2. Become mindful of your thoughts. Notice if when you are thinking of your purpose work and new vision and your next thoughts stray and you become caught up in thinking about those new shoes you wish to buy. Note this and try to bring your attention back to what connects you to your purpose.

3. Write down all your fears about what could go wrong by making a career change. Then write down all the things that could be joyful about a career change. Then compare. Often you will find the joy outweighs the fear. Thank that fearful part of yourself. Acknowledge her and also let her know you trust yourself to take on this next chapter with grace.

The best way to befriend our fear is to acknowledge it. Name it, feel it, and then let it go. Keep your attention on the WHY. Why is this next chapter of purposeful work so important to you? When we focus on our WHY with our purpose work, the fear will lessen, I promise.

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