Befriend Your Inner Critic

An Online Workshop to Befriend Your Inner Critic

In order to make the big changes in our lives, we must be willing to take risks. And when we do take a risk, our Inner Critic tends to get loud. Our Inner critic is savvy, it won’t actually say, “give up,” but it will come up with what appears to be “good reasons” to stop risking and pursuing change. 

The Inner Critic is the part of ourselves that wants to protect us from perceived danger during times of change.

During career transition or any transition, the Inner Critic can get noisy and oh so distracting when we are stepping out of our comfort zone.

This online workshop is an opportunity to shine the light on your inner critic and be able to work with it to keep the changes you desire in motion.

This is a good workshop for you if:

You are in a career transition and feeling scared.

★You notice that fear often paralyzes you from taking the next step.

★You feel confused by your inner critic.

★You deeply desire change but not sure how to take the first step.

★You feel hijacked by your fear.

This online workshop will be an opportunity to befriend your inner critic and learn tools to move beyond the fear into possibility.

You will walk away with the following:

Deeper understanding of your particular inner critic.

★Connect with your inner motivation to spark the change you seek. 

Learn how to keep taking action despite your fear.

Tools to help you stay in action and flow.

Stop letting fear take the lead. Register today:

What people have said about Michelle’s past workshops:

“Michelle was really engaging and knowledgeable and took the time to explain things that were not intuitive”

“Michelle is a great facilitator and makes it easy for you to get a lot of practical information. She owns her expertise.”

“Michelle Olsens’s workshop was engaging, fluent, clear, with very useful content and advice based on experience.”

“This workshop was greatly delivered with great information to integrate. Michelle is a great facilitator and knows what she’s talking about. I loved the pace of the Workshop.”

“Michelle facilitated an engaging, informative and accessible workshop.”


Michelle is the founder and principal coach at GreenLight, a coaching business focused on helping women connect to their career purpose. She is a certified professional co-active coach (CPCC) and has a Master’s degree in Organizational Psychology. Michelle helps busy women find clarity and purpose and assists in taking action during career transitions. She is a fierce advocate for more purpose-driven work in this world. Michelle had a 12-year corporate career in sales before making her own soul-satisfying career change over 10 years ago. You can often find Michelle reading books on motivation, habit, purpose, psychology, spirituality, and leadership.  She savors long walks in nature. She is also the proud mom of two young children.