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Mamas Going Back to Work

Going back to work after maternity leave is a big life transition. Having a baby feels so purposeful and this may leave you feeling without purpose about the work you do.  It can feel overwhelming, scary and leave you feeling anxious.  Join me in community with other Mamas and get the support you deserve.


In the Going Back to Work class, you will be met with compassion for wherever you are in your transition back to work. All experiences are welcome; whether you can’t wait to go back to work or are crying just thinking about it. This class will give you the opportunity to take the mountaintop view of your whole life. This class will help you find clarity to what is most important to you today as a Mom and working woman. It will show you how you can design your life with more ease and discernment during this important transition.

Come and discern the best pace and action plan for your unique, individual transition to the working world as a Mom. We spend much time preparing for birth but less time preparing for the integration of life after the baby is born. Come and be in community with other Moms in the same position and create the next best steps for you and your family with ease, grace, and flow.

In this class you can expect to receive the following:

  • Clarity on personal values as a new Mom
  • Community and connection with other Moms in the same situation
  • Support in creating self-care in this major transition
  • Self-created action plan that helps generate balance




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