When in Doubt, Move Your Body

In career-life transitions, we often experience a period of not knowing, what will come, where the chapter will end, and how you will get to your desired destination.

When in doubt, move your body and preferably in nature. Nature has a magical way of nurturing us and letting us see the bigger picture. Also, the powerful combination of nature and getting your heart pumping is a great catalyst for inspiration.

Nature is a beautiful reminder to be in the moment, be mindful. Are the leaves falling? Are the flowers blossoming? Is the landscape dry or lush? Is it raining, snowing or sunny? What animals are crossing the path? Are there clouds in the sky? What kind of clouds? Is the sky blue? What are you noticing around you? There is so much LIFE in nature, so much abundance, no matter what season.

Life ebbs and flows. We have times of clarity and then times of not knowing. Our culture does not offer a generous space for not knowing.

Often clients who are in transition and not currently working ask me: “What should I say when someone asks me what I do for a living?” My response is simple, be honest. Let them know you are in transition and working toward creating more purpose work. We are not our work. Our work can mean a lot to us, especially when we are doing purpose work, but it is not who we are. We are so much more than our work.

It is ok to not know our next chapter. It is ok and maybe even exciting to live in the unknown. If you can trust that you are always taken care of no matter what, then you will relax more into the unknown.

The best solution when in doubt is move your body, get out of your head and let your heart pump the blood through your veins. Notice nature’s beauty. Slow down your thinking and increase your breathing.


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