Deeper Self-Connection = Boundaries

Going through career transition and re-evaluating your relationship with work can bring up feelings of confusion and anxiety. The first step toward feeling grounded is deeply connecting to your inner world, your deeper self, your inner wise one. This is where a wealth of information, wisdom, and answers resides.

A big chunk of the work I do with the women I coach is to help them create boundaries. Boundaries are a necessity in career transition and in life. Naming and setting boundaries often feel uncomfortable and awkward at first, especially if you are not in the rhythm of setting them up in your life.

Where you are in your life today is based on the choices you have made. When women are seeking change in their relationship to work, one of the biggest challenges I see is they have given too much of themselves away without enough in return. It is not their fault. Women are set up in a sexist society to be relationship focused. I am not saying all women fall into this category, but for the most part, many women struggle with tracking others and not taking as good care of themselves. Women are trained from a young age to give more of themselves in this world, which leaves us feeling exhausted, frustrated, and unfulfilled.

I deeply want you to feel your strength and connection to your purpose. One vital tool to start implementing is boundaries. Boundaries will set you free. And here is the secret, it does not matter what the other person says or thinks about your boundary; the boundary is for YOU, no one else.

A boundary is a limit of a subject or sphere of activity. When people are asking more from you than you can give, whether that is at work or in your personal life, say NO. One of my favorite homework assignments to give is for the client to find 10 NOS to say in their life in one week. Then I have them track where they can create more room for YES in their life. Yes to a nap, yes to downtime, yes to quiet time, yes to walk alone, yes to creative time, yes to meditation, yes to playing that instrument you love, yes to 1:1 time with your best friend, yes to journaling. YES to anything that provides you energy and lifts you up.

Necessary endings are a part of life, and when you choose to be proactive you are deepening the relationship with yourself and thus your relationship with your purpose. When we live from our highest good we create a reality of love and purpose.

What is one NO you want to say today?

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