Creating Space

Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year. I love the season’s invitation to pause, slow down, go within, and most importantly to LET GO! We are a few weeks out from the Fall Equinox, and I sense the whispers of leaves changing and a hint of coolness in the air. It is an in-between season: in-between the light of Summer and the dark of Winter. I LOVE the in-between and transition phases of life, because there is so much opportunity for growth, tending and caring. 

Every year I make a list of what I am letting go in service of creating more space and rest. Now more than ever, as we are surviving this global pandemic, it is imperative that we evaluate what is most important. What truly matters? Where do we want to put our time and energy in this one precious life we have? 

Everyone I speak to, whether clients or friends, say they don’t want to go back to living the way they did before Covid-19 came crashing in, but they are not clear on what exactly they do want. My suggestion as a starting point is to take an inventory of your personal values. When honored, our personal values make life feel deeply fulfilling. 

Values are not morals or ethics but a description of your essence of what truly matters to you. 

If you have never taken stock of your personal values, here is how I suggest getting started. 

  1. Write out a recent experience that truly satisfied you to the core. What were you doing? Who was there? What were you feeling, hearing, tasting, seeing and experiencing? Write it all out. 
  2. Now read the story out loud to a partner or dear friend. Ask them to tell you what they hear really matters to you. These are your values. 
  3. Start taking an inventory of where you are living your values in your WHOLE (work and personal) life and where they are not being honored. 
  4. Build a relationship with your Values

If you know your values then I suggest taking a Values Inventory every season. Take the big picture view of your life and assess what is working and what is not, especially during this global pandemic. 

Now turn back to the Fall Season and write down 2 to3 activities you are ready to LET GO! What in your life has run its course? Now is the time to let go and create space, rest and rejuvenation, allowing you to align with the Fall energy. 

Space and rest are so underestimated in this culture. Truly give yourself the gift of space and rest and then see what unfolds… Over and over again, I witness miracles happen. Pausing, resting and taking time to tune in can really change your life, if you truly give yourself the gift of space. Our over producing and doing culture is truly a sick way to live life. 

This is your one precious life, live it based on your unique values not anyone else’s. 


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